The 6th Annual National Heirloom Exposition will feature a wide array of natural vendors from across the country and beyond. Last year we hosted over 350 vendors, each showcasing products pertaining to natural food, gardening, sustainability, green living and so much more! Unlike any other exposition in the world, our vendors epitomize the pure food movement, both in their diversity and in the sustainability of their approach: many offer innovative ideas and leading-edge products. Everything from heirloom seed varieties to produce, live plants to organic garden products to clothing, household products, and craft items will be available!
Download a vendor form
Download a food vendor form

555 Studios Handmade knit wear using local fiber.
Agricultural Community Events Farmers Markets Agricultural Community Events Farmers Markets
ACEFM operates farmers’ markets in the North Bay. Meet the people who grow and make your food at any of our farmers markets in Sonoma and Marin County.
Alejandro’s Floral 4″ plants/annuals and perennials
American Community Gardening Association “ACGA is a 35-year-old national non-profit, whose mission is to build community by increasing and enhancing community gardening and greening across North America.
Ancient Agro Heirloom wheat flour, pasta, lentils, millets flour and heirloom beans.
Architectural Ceramic Design Alan hand throws our wares and Donna does the deco. Our wares are microwave, oven, dishwasher safe and lead free. Our most popular items are fermentation, kombucha and compost crocks.
Authur S. Smith Seed Savers Book Series Seed Savers book series by S. Smith
Seed Savers is a fiction series for kids (and adults) set in a future where gardening is illegal and real food forgotten.
Atlas Peak Pottery Clay cooking pottery hand thrown by Debra Manfree. Experience the incredible flavor of cooking in clay with Rancho Gordo heirloom beans – the perfect combination!
Aubergine Vintage Clothing, Shoes, etc.
B & B Market Baskets All of our baskets and accessories are handmade, Fair Trade, and made from natural sustainable fibers. We support the economic stability of our weavers.
Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds We offer many heirloom and rare seeds from all over the world! Our retail stores are located in Petaluma CA, Mansfield MO, and Wethersfield CT.
Berlin Natural Bakery The industry calls us “Purist”. Our competitors call us old fashioned. Our Customers call us “HEROES” and that’s all that matters. Heirloom baked goods with the highest standards in the industry.
Biologic Crop Solutions Specialized products and creative solutions for farming, orchards, pastures, vineyards, home gardens, lawns, golf turfs, landscaping, and nearly all other land applications.
Bloomfield Bees Honey We are a local chemical free beekeeper selling local honey, fresh pollen, raw propolis, beautiful handmade candles, soaps, lotions, and other natural skin products.
Bohemian Roots Recycled and reclaimed metal jewelry, mixed materials, and an array of metalilic tattoos.
Boogie Brew Maximize soil biology and boost plants’ immunity with Boogie’s compost tea. Brew your own intelligent, economical, earth-friendly products and achieve gardening excellence!
Brass, Etc. Edward’s hand bent copper spirals are a whimsical addition to any garden. They mystify and amuse people of all ages. Come check them out!
Cacoco Raw vegan heirloom drinking chocolate.
California Guild The California Guild is a grassroots organization with 5,000 members serving communities across the state.
Come join us.  Support small farmers, healthy communities and a brighter future.
Carman’s Nursery Family owned since 1937. Specialties: Rare and unusual plants, dwarf conifers, bonsai starters, rock garden plants, hardy succulents, variegated foliage. Edibles include figs, pomegranates, and capers.
Casari Ranch LLC Casari Ranch, home to SkyHorse Equine Guided Education and our own wool mill, specializing in wool bedding, rugs, fabrics, farm stays and more!
Center for Food Safety Center for Food Safety is a national non-profit working to protect human health and the environment by promoting organic and other forms of sustainable agriculture.
Chili Smith Family Foods We provide nearly thirty varieties of high quality all-natural heirloom beans from California. They are healthy, nutritious, delicious, and locally grown.
Citizens for Healthy Farms and Families (Previously GMO Free Sonoma County), Non-GMO Fun and Fact Fest. Educational non-GMO games, activities, brochures, flyers, petitions, game wheel for prizes, shirts and shopping bags for donations.
Community Soil We design, install, and maintain edible-restorative gardens and farmsteads to promote biodiversity and sustainability while simultaneously acting as community liaisons to enhance public health and ecological awareness.
Crofter’s Organic Crofter’s Organic produces great tasting fruit spreads that are Non-GMO Project Verified, minimally processed, gluten free, BPA free and contain 1/3 less sugar than jam!
Cutco Cutlery Chefs Knives.
Daffodils Dahlias & Lilies Oh My! Landscaping with heirloom bulbs is the best, as they return year after year without any fuss! We will have many heirloom bulbs available for purchase.
Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps Dr. Bronner’s offer high-quality organic, fair trade and Non-GMO Project verified personal care products, including soaps, lotions, shave gels, lip balms and coconut oil.
Dr. Earth, Inc. Organic gardening is now mainstream gardening.
Our mission is to support organic gardeners. We understand and value the organic movement and how quickly it is it evolving. We knew 23 years ago that we were going to take this epic journey that was going to take us to a fantastic place. Here we are!
DripWorks DripWorks is a retailer and wholesaler of drip irrigation supply. We support gardening and agricultural sustainability, providing easy ways to save water, time and money.
Ecological Farming Association “EcoFarm nurtures healthy, just, and sustainable farms, food systems, and communities through education, alliance building, advocacy, and celebration. Visit for more info.”
Ecology Action of the Mid-Peninusla Ecology Action teaches people worldwide to better feed themselves through building and preserving the soil and conserving resources.
Environgentle Reusable food containers, organic cotton shirts, and other items made from recycled materials.
Exotica Rare Fruit Nursery Exotica Rare Fruit nursery has many diversified fruit varieties from around the world for all climates or indoors.
Farm Fresh to You Display of produce to promote our Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program. Delivering organic produce fresh from the farm to the doorstep.
FarmtoFerments FarmtoFerments, local, sustainable, member of 1% for the planet
alliance. Living foods for people who want to feel alive offering Kimchi, Kraut,
Kvass, and more!
Ferment’n Ferment’n Home Fermentation kit w/ ceramic weight, plastic airlock ceramic bottles for secondary fermentation.
Firefly Chocolate Firefly Chocolate handcrafts bean to bar, organic, transparent trade, vegan, dark chocolate sweetened with low glycemic coconut sugar.
Fireworks pottery representing W.A.T.E.R Non-profit selling items to benefit W.A.T.E.R.
Floresta Botanicals Herbal seasoning, tinctures, salves, herbal broth mixes, seed jewelry, and handwoven items.
Flower of Life Essential Oils Essential oil blends, mists, bath oils, creams, and salves.
Forgotten Felines of Sonoma County FFSC offers barn/ranch/vineyard cats for natural, chemical-free rodent control! FFSC has provided low-cost feral cat spay/neuter clinics to Sonoma County residents for 25 years.
Food for Bees Organic non-GMO pesticide free seed packets of plants and trees that are major nectar and pollen sources for bees. We also have plant starts for bees, and bees wax organic soap.
Freedom Farms
Full Moon Beadwork Handmade jewerly, crystals and handmade stuffed animals.
Gardening by the Moon. We offer the Lunar Planting Guide.
GeoPot (Geoplanter) As an annual supporter of The National Heirloom Expo, GeoPot is back again providing Northern California’s favorite fabric pots to our favorite gardeners.
Geraniaceae Provider of a variety of plants from the gerainum plant family.
Girl Next Door Honey Apparel, beekeeping items and prints.
Grandma’s Pumpkin Patch Handmade Crafts – Shirts, aprons, potholders, recycled feed sack bags, hats, hanging towels, hair barretts, bibs
Grasshopper Springs Ranch Grasshopper Springs Ranch is known as “The Place that Makes Alpaca Lace”. We raise both Huacaya and Suri alpacas in Pearblossom, CA. We specialize in luxury hand-knitted alpaca garments, natural and hand-dyed yarns, rovings and fleeces.
Green Star Farm Green Star Farm is a 47-acre pasture based livestock farm in the heart of West Sonoma County. We want to produce delicious meat so you win, out of a pastured farm animal so it wins, and in doing so build our pasture topsoil so our planet wins.
Greener Latitudes- MIchael Collins It is our mission at Greener Latitudes to sell superior organic fertilizers that create abundance without harm, supply farmers with materials that make growing easier, and to grow certified organic and heirloom produce of unparalleled nutrition, freshness and quality. We strive to be the reliable sustainable farming “partner of choice” to our customers and suppliers, all the while taking great care to conserve and regenerate the lands we steward in the Estero Americano Watershed.
Harmony Farm Supply Since 1980, Harmony has been providing cutting-edge earth-friendly products to help farmers and gardeners grow food, flowers, and grass using sustainable practices.
Harmony Organics Environmental Services company providing regulation compliance services and environmental products
Harvest for the Hungry Garden Harvest for the Hungry Garden grows more than 20,000 pounds of organic produce annually which is distributed weekly to local agencies that feed the hungry.
Harvest Organic Clothing Organic cotton t-shirts and tote bags.
Heirloom Cacao Preservation Exhibiting heirloom cacao.
Heirloom Organic Gardens Heirloom, organic plants and other items.
Hempstead Project Heart Hempstead Project Heart’s mission is to create awareness of the many
benefits of hemp for the planet and people. Through collaborations, arts
and music, we work to elevate public consciousness about hemp as a basis for a healthy green economy
High Caliper Growing The Smart Pot is a fabric aeration container that releases heat and prunes a plant’s root structure giving the plant more roots, meaning more fruit.
HIJK & Twirl Yarn Clothing made in Sonoma County from local Heirloom cotton & locally produced yarn from natural fibers with natural dyes.
Hilltop Honey Products We are local beekeepers. We handcraft natural lotions, soaps, salves, rubs, balms, and more. All products are made with our bees wax and honey.
Hiroko’s Ceramics Hand -made ceramics, post cards and paintings and art.
Homestead Iron works Heirloom quality forged garden tools,long handled tools, hearth tools and hardware. All hand forged from American made materials.
Hudson Valley Seed Library Celebrating seeds and their stories through art.
Over 400 organically grown heirloom and open-pollinated seeds, 100’s of artists, and over 10 years saving seeds.
Hue-De-Laroque Mustard, jams, vinegars and olive oils.
Hydro Logic Provider of pure water centers that provide delicious, fresh tasting water.
Imlak’esh Organics We provide the highest quality, sustainably harvested food to nourish people and provide living wages and socio-economic opportunities for small farmers.
Jacqueline Formanek Pottery Jacqueline Formanek’s Pottery is a local one woman business that delights
in creating functional art for everyday use.
Jungle Maiden Jewelry Pegge Bastress uses semi-precious gemstones to create unique “organic jewelry”, showing at eight Sonoma County farmer’s markets and displaying with local produce and flowers.
Kitazawa Seed Company Oldest seed company in the United States specializing in Asian vegetable seeds. Established in 1917, offering over 550 seed varieties, including many heirloom varieties.
Koda Farms California’s oldest family-owned rice farm and mill, agrarian since the 1910s. Exclusive breeder and grower of heirloom Kokuho Rose® Japanese rice varietal.
Kraut Source Innovative kitchenware to use in making small batches of fermented vegetables such as saurkraut, pickles or kimchi.
La Onda Original, roasted garlic and habanero almond dips.
Lisa’s Luscious Kitchen Fifty-three delicious hand-crafted fruit jams, sauces, butters, marmalades, chutneys, vinegars and Asian cooking oils. All made from tree or vine ripened farmer’s market fruit with low sugar.
Luther Burbank Home & Gardens; Luther Burbank Experimental Farm Burbank was a world-famous horticulturalist who introduced eight hundred plus varieties including Shasta daisy and Santa Rosa plum. His Santa Rosa and Sebastopol properties are open to visitors.
Magic Mushroom Garden Statuary Mosaic mushrooms and hand sculpted cement mushrooms for the garden or general decor.
Magnation Water Technologies Magnation Water Technologies provides a highly-effective, low-cost, eco-friendly (no chemicals or power needed), innovative water management solution for soil and plant-related businesses.
Malibu Compost “Malibu Compost is more than its founders. It’s the belief we share that going Biodynamic is the missing link in healing our planet.
Marin Agricultural Land Trust MALT’s mission is to permanently protect Marin County’s agriculture land for agriculture use. Our vision is a thriving agricultural community in a healthy natural environment.
Mass Wiggle Worm Farm Mass Wiggle Worm Farm is a Vermicompost, or casting, simply worm manure. Worm castings are considered by many horticulture experts to be the best soil amendmant available.
Metamorphic Press Meet author Robert Kourik and his Drip Irrigation, Edible Landscape and Roots, Demystified books as well as new eBooks. He will be signing books.
Modesto Milling Modesto Milling is a 100% organic feed manufacturer, focused on making many types of organic poultry and livestock feeds. Our ingredients each have a story.
Molehill Mountain Soy candles, soy wax melts, wax melters(for the wax melts), sewn coin and accessory bags.
Mossy Falls Farm Organic soaps, lotions, organic clothing , live plants, organic vanilla, grass fed lamb to order and other handmade treasures.
Move To Amend “Vote Yes on 59
The California Proposition asks for a US Constitutional Amendment clarifying that money is not speech and can be regulated for campaigning, and that corporations should not have the same constitutional rights as people.
Mudslide Stoneware Mudslide Stoneware
Fermentation Crocks for the production of Kimchi, Sauerkraut, Pickles, and Kombucha. Functional Ceramics including butter crocks, mugs, bowls, and dutch ovens. Handcrafted in Santa Fe, New Mexico.
Multinational Exchange for Sustainable Agriculture / MESA Multinational Exchange for Sustainable Agriculture (MESA)
Connect. Collaborate. Revive.
Cultivating a global grassroots network of food and farming leaders to revive community food systems.
Napa Valley Tea Company Tea and accessories.
Navajo Churro Project We raise Navajo-churro sheep, provide sheep to traditional Navajo weavers, and educate about our sheep. Come meet weavers, see our awesome sheep, blankets, and jewelry. Talk to us!
Northern California Society of Botanical Artists Note cards and prints of botanical art created by our members, focusing on heirloom food crops. NCalSBA is dedicated to supporting Northern California botanical artists.
Nous Savons Nous Savons provides everything you need to integrate good style and gardening.
Nutiva Dedicated to “nourishing people and planet.” Nutiva is the world’s leading brand of all-organic hemp foods, coconut oil, red palm oil and chia seeds.
Occidental Arts & Ecology Center The Occidental Arts and Ecology Center hosts one of the oldest certified organic gardens in the world. Our organic greenhouse and nursery specialize in open-pollinated, heirloom, rare, unusual and ethnobotanical plants.
Ocean Harvest Sea Vegetables We sustainably wild craft and sun-dry 10 varieties of Medicinal seaweeds. Sea vegetables are a rich source of trace minerals, vitamins and essential nutrients.
OH Kale Yeah Tees Fun punny veggie shirts, totes and hats for the whole family!
Oh Sew Penny Aprons, pillows, baby blankets and more. All made from vintage linens. Something old is now something new.
Orta Kitchen Garden Terracotta self-watering seed pots keep seedlings happy for about a week between waterings. Reuse them for a lifetime! Made by hand in California.
Pacari Chocolate/ JCV Company Pacari Chocolate is the worlds only Biodynamic certified chocolate. Please come by our booth and taste the flavors of the Amazon.
Pacific Flake Artisan flake sea salt.
Permaculture Magazine Pictures and examples of permaculture and it’s principles.
Permaculture Student Textbook & Workbook Series Book Sales. The Permaculture Student Textbook & Workbook, a collection of permaculture lesson plans such as The Magic Beans, Peter Permaculture & The Forgotten Food Forest.
Petaluma Visitors Program A riverfront town offering antique stores, art galleries, entertainment, farm tours, craft brews, wineries, and award-winning restaurants, all in a historic, charming setting.
Portland Seedhouse/One Green World Heirloom Seeds, Veggies, Canned Products, Fruit Trees, Exotic Fruit Plants and Fertilizer.
Poultry Palace We have an array of chicken pullets, poultry supplies, pots, and chicken related gifts.
Puppenstube Grain Mills, grain flakers, containers, and figurines.
Pure Puer Tea Pure Puer Tea is hand picked from old and ancient large-leaf tea trees that grow high in the remote misty mountains of Yunnan, China.
PURIUM Health Products PURIUM Health Products offers organic, GMO-free vegan shakes, wheat grass, 10 day plant-based cleanse, and more
Qachuu Aloom / The Garden’s Edge We preserve native seed varieties from Guatemala and New Mexico. Through our products, we share the story of seeds and help strengthen the rural communities who grow them.
Rancho Llano Seco Llano Seco Rancho is a 6th-generation family farm with a rich history of balancing agriculture, livestock husbandry and conservation.
Real Books National Heirloom Exposition book seller.
Redwood Seeds We provide seeds for home gardeners and organic farmers that are suitable to grow in the region’s three main sub-climates: Valley, Coastal, and Mountain.
Rosie’s Workwear “Rosies… not for the boys. Creating fashionable and high-quality women’s garden and work wear for modern can-do women, since 2002.”
Royal Gold “Royal Gold is Humboldt County’s nationally recognized purveyor of the highest quality soils and soil less growing mediums. Grow for the Gold with Royal Gold!”
S. Hayes Ceramics Hand-thrown pottery, created and fired by Stephanie Hayes in Windsor, California. Featuring a variety of functional, vibrant and textured stoneware pottery and earthy Pit Fire forms.
Saladmaster Foodture
San Francisco Bay Coffee Coffee, cups, cold brew and possibly lattes and mochas.
Santa Barbara Permaculture Network Educational materials & exhibits on permaculture and the international permaculture convergence in India 2017.
Santa Rosa Iris Society Santa Rosa Iris Society – affiliate of AIS – is devoted to propagate the culture and development of irises in Sonoma County. We sell beautiful irises!
Saraba Arican Art Beautiful African art, baskets, wood carvings and masks.
Scratch and Peck Scratch and Peck Feed manufactures whole grain, raw and soy free animal feed that is Certified Organic and Non-GMO Project Verified. Give your poultry, ducks, turkeys, goats, and pigs our organic feed, supplements, and treats. You are what your animals eat!
Seed Library of Los Angeles The Seed Library of Los Angeles is a fast growing library with members throughout LA. We teach seed-saving.
Seed Osphere Seed spheres. “Throw me and grow me” five flower seed balls that are all organic and gmo free! Sold in colorful canisters.
Sensations By Sybil Hand painted hats.
Shumei America Shumei Natural Agriculture is a way to cultivate food without chemicals or fertilizers and that emphasizes the farmer’s relationship with nature. We also save seeds.
Simply Solar Powered by sunlight. We’re helping homes, businesses and our communities generate clean energy and lower the cost of their power.
Slow Food California Literature, art and some giveaways.
Sofee & Lenee German Kinder Accessories Silk and Demeter wool/ silk for babies and adult underwear.
Solar Living Institute The Solar Living Institute, an educational nonprofit, offers a wide range of workshops on sustainable practices at its 12-acre demonstration site in Hopland, CA.
Sonoma Biochar Initiative/ sonoma ecology center We will be providing information on biochar, bokashi compost, and effective soil microorganisms. We will be demonstrating how to make, prepare, and apply them to grow heathy soil.
Sonoma Chocolatiers At Sonoma Chocolatiers, we want our choices to help create the kind of world we’d like our grandchildren to live in. So we carefully choose every item we buy to help create as healthy a world as we can.
Sonoma County Beekeepers Association Educational exhibit on importance of bees.
Sonoma Compost Promoting local organic recycling to produce high quailty compost and mulch to enhance soil health/carbon farming in agriculture and horticulture.
Sonoma County Farms Forever: FarmTrails, CAFF, Farmer’s Guild, Interfaith Food CAFF, Farm Trails, Farmers Guild, Interfaith Sustainable Food Collaborative & Food System Alliance partners, working together for local food production to provide just, vibrant, ecologically beneficial food system for all.
Sonoma County Herb Exchange We provide fresh and dried herbs to local medicine makers and large businesses by combining quantities from small growers. We are CCOF certified processor/handler.
Sonoma Land Trust Give aways, current reports and seed packets.
Sonoma Spice Company Premium herb & spice blends that provide multitasking convenience with delicious results.
Our products contain “No added salt, sugar, wheat nor presevatives! A Sonoma County family owned business
since 2010”.
Sonoma Wool We carry wool products for the home, dryer balls, dish dryer mats, ironing borads pads, pet bedding, cat toys, shoe insoles and more!
Sonomic Almost Vinegar Sonomic Almost Vinegar, made with California grapes, is less acidic than wine vinegar, richer than balsamic, and more versatile. You’ve never tasted anything like it.
Southern Exposure Seed Exchange Our mission: To conserve genetic resources, ensure that people retain control of their food supply, and offer gardeners the option of saving their own seeds. We offer heirloom and organic seeds, gardening guides and catalog. We also carry information about seed saving, information regarding organizations in the seed saving movement and ways of participating. Look for our exhibits of rare and interesting heritage varieites!
Straus Family Creamery Straus Family Creamery celebrates 20 years of supporting family farming, ensuring organic integrity, and creating artisan, organic dairy products.
Sungevity SolarCity is the nation’s leading full service solar
provider of clean, more affordable energy. We offer FREE installation! Ask us if you qualify!
Synergy Agricultural Products Composite structure manufacturer, Compost Tea Brewers (Standard sizes 5 Gallons thru 145 Gallons; Custom sizes up to 2000 Gallons) and “Synergy” Organic/Vegan Compost Tea formulas.
TAPPIN ROOTS We offer organic and all natural plant nutrients.
Tea and Trumpets Tea and Trumpets sell a wide variety of organic loose leaf tea and tea accessories.
The Garden Wild All natural handcrafted soaps, balms, salves, scrubs, and body butters.
The Gardener’s Hollow Leg We carry one-gallon and five-gallon recycled polyester harvesting and debris bags you wear. Attached belt adjusts to 52”. Easy to fill and empty. Convenient! Ergonomic! Efficient!
The Good Faith Farm Good Faith Farm produces raw organic olives, gently cured using sea salt and water instead of harsh chemicals. Full of enzymes, antioxidants, flavor – no lye!
The Grange School of Adaptive Agriculture The Grange School of Adaptive Agriculture is an educational training center that equips the current and next generation of farmers and advocates with essential skills in the science, art and business of food.
The Heirloom Seed Store We are purveyors of exceptional heirloom, vegetable, herb and flower seeds specializing in traditional heirloom Italian varieties selected over hundreds of years for great taste and productivity.
The Livestock Conservancy A nonprofit founded in 1977, The Livestock Conservancy is the leading organization in the United States and recognized internationally for its work to protect nearly 200 breeds of livestock and poultry from extinction.
The living Seed Company We carry organic heirloom seeds.
The Natural Gardening Company We are committed to giving our customers the best possible gardening experience by providing high quality seeds, plants and accessories, and prompt, personal customer service.
The Permaculture Student Textbook and Workbook series Selling copies of his two books The Permaculture Student textbook and workbook and hopefully three other books in production.
The Philosopher Stoneground “””We think, therefore we sprout.”” Our mission is intelligent nourishment: spreading consciousness and nourishing all Life through delicious nut butters designed for human consumption.”
Tomorrow’s Traditions Fair trade handwoven bamboo ponchos, scarves and bags from Guatemala. Will possibly have hand made jewellery!
Tower Garden by Juice Plus Tower Garden and Juice Plus provide you and your family whole food nutrition in various ways: Aeroponic, hydroponic, vertical growing systems and whole food products!
Treelee Foods organic fresh brewed super food beverage – 3 flavors, unsweetened hibiscus mint, ginger berry and pineapple lime.
UC Master Gardeners, Sonoma County Master Gardeners will be available to answer gardening questions, and to promote the Master Gardener program and services.
Vital Garden Supply Vital Garden Supply offers premium organic soils, fertilizers, amendments, and greenhouses. We are here for you with knowledge, customer support, and the highest quality products for success!
Vita Mix Vita mix blenders, containers, cookbooks and accessories.
Wildflower Seed and Tool We carry cut and hold pruners, womans’ pro tools, ratchet tools, sharpeners, pole saws and Hoki Hori tools and more!
Wild West Ferments Proudly offering the most delectable, artisan, organic, probiotic foods and beverages of the highest quality. The wild fermented fruit soda is a must try!
Worldwide Opportunities on Organic farm(WWOOF_USA) Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farms, USA (WWOOF-USA®) is part of a worldwide effort to link visitors with organic farmers, promote an educational exchange, and build a global community conscious of ecological farming practices.
Xroads LLC Philippine Sea Salt
Young Living Essential Oils Young living Essential Oils and Diffusers. May also carry young Living Thieves Cleaning Products and NingXia dietary supplements.