The National Heirloom Exposition features a wide array of natural vendors from across the country and beyond. Over 300 vendors will be selling natural organic products. With interest growing in the gardening community and overwhelming support from the pure food movement, we are hosting more vendors each year! Unlike any other exposition in the world, our vendors epitomize the pure food movement, selling everything from heirloom plants and produce to ceramics and pillows.


vendor1Food Vendors

The Heirloom Expo does not serve your average fair food; in fact, it is host to a large number of natural food vendors. Enjoy gourmet dishes featuring heirloom vegetables, all-natural ingredients, and organic free range meat. Taste different cultures with Asian and European cuisine. Whether you are a vegan, vegetarian, or omnivore, there is sure to be something to please your palate.


Food Products

Vendors at the Expo also offer homemade canned goods, herb-infused cooking oils, spices, seasoning, artisan cheeses and breads, dried garlic and peppers, vinegars, teas, marinated olives, along with many other all natural snacks and cooking essentials.



Produce Vendors

Browse the on-site farmers market for unique locally grown heirloom vegetables. Experience the delicious and different tastes, smells, and textures of heirloom varieties. Talk to farmers who grow heirlooms, and truly experience the joy of heirlooms with thousands of unique vegetables for sale right in front of you.


Heirloom Plants and Seeds

Get lost in the world of heirloom vegetables with the country’s largest assortment of heirloom seeds and plants for sale. Beautify your space with unique old flower varieties including roses, orchids, dahlias, irises, and many more. Enjoy a varied array of edibles, perennials, succulents, and grasses.
Garden and Nursery Supplies

Enjoy hundreds of like-minded garden suppliers from all over the country and the world, selling garden products of all kinds. Browse the traditional and newest styles of garden tools. Learn more about the latest in organic fertilizers and pest control.



Farm Equipment

Find everything for both the small and large farm. Representatives will showcase everything from small and large equipment to greenhouses and accessories. See the latest hydroponic, aquaponic, and irrigation systems. Visit with purveyors of organic feed and seed mixes. Find new and innovative products for earth-friendly cultivation.


You will also find art vendors, handmade crafts, Eco and Sustainable products, Health Products, as well as many non-profit organizations who focus on gardening.


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