About our Vendors

Below is a list of the vendors that participated in 2014


Advancing ECO Agriculture LLC
Since 2006, Advancing ECO Agriculture has been a leader in the area of soil and plant nutrition. AEA is an agricultural consulting and manufacturing company that works with farmers internationally.

Agricultural Community Events Farmers Markets
Agricultural Community Events Farmers Markets runs 8 farmer’s markets in the North Bay, offering a wide variety of local farmers and artisanal foods.

Alive and Healing
Fresh, handcrafted, unpasteurized tempeh in Sonoma County! We produce tender artisanal tempeh from 100% Organic GMO-free ingredients. High protein, zero cholesterol and totally delicious!

Allstar Organics
Our farm, Allstar Organics, produces heirloom vegetables, herbs, and flowers, as well as dried herbs, herbal salts and sugars, essential oils and hydrosols.

American AgCredit

American Community Gardening Association
ACGA is a 35 year old national nonprofit whose mission is to build community by increasing and enhancing community gardening and greening across North America.

Amy’s Kitchen
Founded in 1988, Amy’s Kitchen is a family business totally committed to producing truly delicious, easily prepared meals made with natural, organic and GMO-free ingredients.

Ancient Agro
Lentils, Wheat, Bean products and software for small organic operations

Animal Welfare Approved
Animal Welfare Approved is a free certification and food label for farmers raising animals according to the highest welfare standards, outdoors on pasture or range.

Architectural Ceramic Design
Hand thrown, high fired, food safe utilitarian pottery for the home and garden including fermenting, kombucha and compost crocks. Donna and Alan Podesto.

Art of the Garden
Get growing fast with the M Brace! 100% recycled metal, made in the USA!

Artistic Illuminations
Light up your garden with hand crafted Solar Luminaries, made with materials reclaimed form our local landfills to bathe your landscape with amazing glass stained glass projecting lights.

Atlas Peak Pottery
Clay cooking pottery hand thrown by Debra Manfree. Experience the incredible flavor of cooking in clay with Rancho Gordo heirloom beans – the perfect combination!

Aztec Dahlias
Family owned and operated, Aztec Dahlias specializes in unique prize-winning hybrid varieties: 5000 plants and 400+ varieties available as cut flowers, potted plants, and tubers.

B & B Market Baskets
Handmade – fair trade baskets, hats, purses, totes, and accessories made from renewable natural materials.

B Coole Designs
Taking your project to the next level with machine embroidered art.

Back to the Roots
Back To The Roots offers sustainable food growth products like the mushroom growing kit and the AquaFarm, a fish tank ecosystem with an herb garden.

Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds
We offer many heirloom seeds and a 132-page catalog. Our retail stores are located in Petaluma CA, Mansfield MO, and Wethersfield CT.

Bee Thinking, LLC
Manufacture premium, cedar beehives for the backyard beekeeper

Bell Aquaculture
Fish Rich Organic Fertilizer

Berlin Natural Bakery
The industry calls us purists, competitors call us old fashioned, customers call us heroes. Heirloom Spelt baked goods – the highest standards in the industry.

Biologic Crop Solutions
Specialized products and creative solutions for farming, orchards, pastures, vineyards, home gardens, lawns, golf turfs, landscaping, and nearly all other land applications.

Bloomfield Bees Honey
We are a local chemical free beekeeper selling local honey, fresh pollen, raw propolis, beautiful handmade candles, soaps, lotions, and other natural skin products.

Boogie Brew
Maximize soil biology and boost plants’ immunity with Boogie’s Veeganic © compost tea. Brew your own intelligent, economical, earth-friendly products and achieve gardening excellence!

Botanical Insight / Luminous Herbcraft
Organic Hydrosols and Herbal artwork —– Luminous Herbcraft – Creations to brighten the mind, uplift the spirit and balance the body.

Botanical Interests
Botanical Interests is a family-owned seed company that offers over 500 varieties of non-GMO vegetable, flower and herb seeds including many organic and heirloom varieties.

Bountiful Gardens (Ecology Action)
Non-profit project of Ecology Action. Non-hybrid seeds, books, supplies, demonstrations and information on biointensive gardening. Come meet our interns from around the world!

Brass, Etc
Edward’s whimsical, optical illusion creating copper coils and his select collection of copper weather vanes – must see! They are equally wonderful in doors or out.

Bulk Herb Store
Bulk Herb Store carries the finest organic and wild crafted herbs, teas, tincture mixes, salves, herbal remedies, educational resources, heirloom seeds and more.

California Organic Fertilizers, Inc.
California Organic Fertilizers, Inc. (COFI) has been producing premium organic fertilizers for the past 24 years. Our dry and liquid product lines are based on sound agronomic principles, and have the correct cardbon to nitrogen ratio for the most environmentally sound and economical way to grow a quality crop.

California State Grange
The Grange Renaissance.  The Grange is the oldest agricultural organization in the country with 10,000 members serving 185 California communities. Come visit us.  Spin our trivia wheel
and win a prize!

California Vermiculture
Worm castings(worm gold), Organic alive compost and Compost Tea

Carman’s Nursery
Family owned since 1937. Specialties: Rare and unusual plants, dwarf conifers, bonsai starters, rock garden plants, hardy succulents, variegated foliage. Edibles include figs, pomegranates, capers.

Casa de Vasaio
Pottery hand thrown: vases, orchid pots, bowls, lighthouses, mushrooms, platters, teapots, garden suns – high fire and raku – all lead free.

Center for Food Safety
We work to protect human health and the environment by curbing the use of harmful food production technologies and promoting sustainable agriculture.

Chelsea Green Publishing
Chelsea Green is a leading independent publisher/distributor of books on the practice and politics of sustainability: agriculture, food, energy, building, community, business, activism.

Chicken Waterer
We create amazing new products for backyard chickens owners.

Chili Smith Family Foods
We provide nearly thirty varieties of high quality all-natural heirloom beans from California. They are healthy, nutritious, delicious, and locally grown. Try a sample!

Clover Stornetta Farms
Clover Stornetta Farms is a three generation, family owned and operated dairy in Petaluma, California committed to sustainability and the humane treatment of animals.

Cole Canyon Farm
We are a certified organic nursery specializing in edible plants for the home gardener. We offer seasonal vegetable starts, culinary herbs, and pre-planted herb bowls.

Community Soil
Community Soil offers consultation, design, installation, and maintenance of nearly all aspects regarding home agriculture and nature.

The Cornucopia Institute
The Cornucopia Institute is dedicated to the fight for economic justice for the family farming community. Its goal is to empower farmers and food citizens.

Crofter’s Organic
Crofter’s Organic produces great tasting fruit spreads that are Non-GMO Project Verified, minimally processed, gluten free, BPA free and contain 1/3 less sugar than jam!

CV Treasures
Functional and whimsical pottery, including “Ever Blooming Flowers” and  “Musical Mud.”

Daffodils Dahlias & Lilies Oh My!
Landscaping with heirloom bulbs is the best, as they return year after year without any fuss! I will have many heirloom bulbs available for purchase.

Decora offers wind driven garden art made of recycled iron in Petaluma.

Demeter USA
Bulbs for all seasons & bulbs that the critters won’t eat.

Den Beste

Discarded Designs
We offer two different sizes of mason jar tumblers with hand crafted grommeted tops & hand crafted glass straws.

DiVine Compost
DiVine Compost is a natural combination of grape pomace and horse manure. It feeds your soil, improves moisture holding ability, increases plant vitality and yield.

Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps
Dr. Bronner’s offers high-quality organic, fair trade and Non-GMO Project verified personal care products, including soaps, lotions, shave gels, lip balms and coconut oil.

Dr. Earth, Inc.
Dr. Earth® leads the retail lawn and garden industry, creating cutting-edge natural/organic garden-friendly products infused with Pro-Biotic™ microbes and mycorrhizae: Soils•Fertilizers• Pests

DripWorks is a retailer and wholesaler of drip irrigation supply. We support gardening and agricultural sustainability, providing easy ways to save water, time and money.

E2 Farms and Fish /Sunset Sustainable Farms
Aquaponics, plannt sales, class registration, other sustainable items

Ecological Farming Association
Ecological Farming Association will offer a display board, fliers, and other promotional mateirals

Ecology Action of the Mid-Peninusla
Ecology Action teaches people worldwide to better feed themselves while building and preserving the soil and conserving resources.

Edenglow All Natural Skin Care
All natural botanical skin care products, handmade, free of artificial chemicals, fragrance and preservatives. I use the highest quality, sustainably made ingredients.

Reusable food containers, organic cotton shirts, and other items made from recycled materials.

Envirotech Greenhouse Solutions
Envirotech Greenhouse Solutions provides greenhouse systems and related products for farmers big and small. Backyard hobby structures to turnkey commercial installations, EGS has you covered!

Exotica Nursery
Exotica Rare Fruit nursery has many diversified fruit varieties from around the world for all climates or indoors.

Extraordinary Blends
Extraordinary Blends offers a 25 year old balsamic vinegar with 4 fruit flavors, 5 olive oils, and 5 blends.

Family Water Alliance
Non-profit organization witht he mission to educate the public about issues that impact communities and assist in providing solutions. They will also inform about the fish screen program.

Farm Fresh to You
Display of produce to promote our Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program of delivering organic produce fresh from the farm to the doorstep.

FarmsReach works to help family farms succeed: helping farmers access inputs & services, increase sales and profit, and connect with each other for support and camaraderie.

FarmtoFerments, local, sustainable, member of 1% for the planet alliance, living foods for people who want to feel alive. Kimchi, Kraut,
Kvass, and more!

Fibershed is building the foundation for regenerative fiber systems through non-profit education and research. Offering hand made goods of local natural fibers and dyes.

Five Mountains Heirloom Organic Tea
Five Mountains® specializes in Heirloom Organic™ Tea (camellia sinensis) varieties, wild crafted from trees with an average age of 500 years. Sustainable and biodiverse.

Forevergreen Eco Weeders
Forevergreen Eco Weeders offers environmentally and chemically free weed-control for the homeowner and gardener. Lightweight, inexpensive, and easy to use.

Fresh Pressed Flower Cards
Creating notecards from pressed flowers has been my hobby for 20 years. I use color, shape, and texture on fine quality paper; each uniquely handmade.

From Ghana with Love
A local business with international heart: Artists and musicians Kimberly and James Ichitey create and sell artisan works rooted in the traditions of West Africa.

Full Circle Wellness Sonoma
Dr. Burt provides hands-on chiropractic care and nutritional guidance using whole food concentrates and herbs, specializing in designing highly individualized detox and purification programs.

The Garden Wild
All natural handcrafted soaps, balms, salves, scrubs, and body butters.

The Gardener’s Hollow Leg
The Gardener’s Hollow Leg will make your days working in the garden more convenient, more efficient and more pleasurable.

Gardening By the Moon
Gardening by the Moon 2014, planting guide and garden activities based on the cycles of the moon, in an easy to read calendar format.

General Hydroponics
General Hydroponics offers a wide range of earth friendly plant food and innovative hydroponics growing systems. Sustainability, Quality, Simplicity, and Results. This is General Hydroponics.

GeoPot (Geoplanter)
Fabric plant containers, Geopot and Geoplanter

Geraniaceae offers plants in the Geranium Family including 150 different Scented Leaf Pelargoniums, Angel and Pansy Face Pelargoniums, large flowered Regals, Hardy Geraniums, and Erodiums.

Global Student Embassy
Global Student Embassy envisions a world where youth play a central role in the worldwide movement towards positive social and environmental change.

GMO Free Sonoma County, Non-GMO Fun and Fact Fest.
Educational non-GMO games, activities, brouchures, flyers, petitions, game wheel for prizes, shirts and shopping bags for donations.

GMO Inside
GMO Inside, a campaign of Green America, is a coalition of individuals and organizations advocating to educate consumers and remove GMOs from our food system.

The Good Faith Farm
Good Faith Farm produces raw organic olives, gently cured using sea salt and water instead of harsh chemicals. Full of enzymes, antioxidants, flavor – no lye!

Graham Grove
Ceramics, Artwork Seedlings,Plants, Recycled Wood Products

The Great Pumpkin Patch / The Homestead Seeds
To provide and build Pumpkin Tower

Green Star Farm
Green Star Farm is a 47 acre pasture based livestock farm in the heart of West Sonoma County. We want to produce delicious meat so you win, out of a pastured farm animal so it wins, and in doing so build our pasture topsoil so our planet wins.

Grow Gardens Nursery
Planting: for health, the earth, and yourself.

Growing Your Greens.com
Video’s, Books, Magazines, Information and Social/Web Video content for World’s Largest Gardening Channel on YOUTUBE

Happy Hens Farm
Happy Hens Farm offers grass-fed beef, lamb, and goat, pasteurized heritage pork, and yarn.

Harmony Farm Supply
Since 1980, Harmony has been providing cutting-edge earth-friendly products to help farmers and gardeners grow food, flowers, and grass using sustainable practices.

Harvest for the Hungry
Harvest for the Hungry is an all-volunteer community garden that provides year-round organic fruits and vegetables to five pantries and feeding centers in Sonoma County.

Hawaii Public Seed Initiative-The Kohola Center
To improve, increase, and promote biodiversity, we work with communities, farmers, and gardeners to improve seed varieties that
thrive in Hawai`i. Educational materials & handouts.

Heifer International
Informational Materials related to the Heifer and Suscol organizations

The Heirloom Seed Store
We are purveyors of exceptional heirloom, vegetable, herb and flower seeds specializing in traditional heirloom Italian varieties selected over hundreds of years for great taste and productivity.

Hempstead Project Heart
Hempstead Project Heart’s mission is to create awareness of the many benefits of hemp for the planet and people. Through collaborations, arts
and music, we work to elevate public consciousness about hemp as a basis for a healthy green economy.

High Caliper Growing
The Smart Pot is a fabric aeration container that releases heat and prunes a plant’s root structure giving the plant more roots – meaning more fruit.

Hilltop Honey Products
We are local beekeepers. We handcraft natural lotions, soaps, salves, rubs, balms, and more. All products are made with our bees wax and honey.

HIJK / Twirl Yarn (in cooperation with The Fibershed Project
HIJK specializes in clothing made from local heirloom cotton.. Twirl uses fibers her animals produce to make rustic yarn that is the culmination of her surroundings.

Hirko’s Ceramics & Sus’nne DE Veuve
Hand -Made Ceramics, Post Cards and Paintings-Art

Hot Winter Hot Sauce
Varieties of hot sauce made from Organic ingredients including heirloom garlic and a new chili of my own cultivation. Plus clothing with the Hot Winter logo!

Hudson Valley Seed Library
A small, farm-based seed company growing and saving vegetable, herb, and flower seed. We value organic growing methods, local seed production, and creative art.

Humboldt Ag Supply
Distributor of quality agricultural supplies in Northern CA.

I love my skin / Luminous Herbcraft
Skin creams and salves made from Herbs and Muslin book bags with print

Interfaith Sustainable Food Collaborative
The project facilitates faith communities sharing models to produce and access healthy, local food and build a more sustainable food system.

Jacqueline Formanek Pottery
Jacqueline Formanek Pottery is a one woman business that delights in making a living from the ancient art of creating hand thrown pottery.

Japanese Maples by Momiji Nursery
Exclusively Japanese Maples since 1979. Family owned, locally grown from one gallon to 32″ box. Retail, largest selection in the SF Bay area.

Jungle Maiden Jewelry
Pegge Bastress uses semi-precious gemstones to create unique “organic jewelry”, showing at eight Sonoma County farmer’s markets and displaying with local produce and flowers.

Kaleidoscope Living Foods
Kaleidoscope Living Foods offers low temperature dehydrated kale chips, adaptogenic herbal foods, bone broths, and herbal tonic.

Katzi Designs
Katzi Designs sells functional art for everyday life, from recipe notecards to silkscreened clothing and household items. Fun children and adult farm and garden designs.

Kaz and Associates
We provide organic, sustainable soil and water consultation and remediation services, including site-specific regulation compliance; partnering with agronomists, soil scientists and organic input producers.

Kellogg Garden Products
Kellogg Garden Products is a family owned company. We are passionate about organic gardening and committed to providing local, sustainably produced soil amendments and fertilizers.

Kids Growing Strong
A nonprofit that uses garden fun to help children grow to be healthy and strong, connect with nature, and spark a passion for lifelong learning.

Kitazawa Seed Company
Kitazawa is the oldest seed company in America to specialize in Asian vegetable seeds. Operating since 1917, we offer over 450 varieties, including many heirlooms.

Koda Farms
Exclusive breeder and grower of proprietary, heirloom Kokuho Rose® Japanese Rice Varietal. California’s oldest family owned and operated rice farm and mill, established 1928.

L.A. Hearne Company
L.A. Hearne offers organic feed and GMO-free feed.

Lexicon of Sustainability

Lily Films
Lily Films and Deborah Garcia made the hit documentary The Future of Food and our new release Symphony of the Soil.

Lisa’s Luscious Kitchen
53 delicious, hand-crafted fruit jams, sauces, butters, marmalades, chutneys, vinegars, oriental oils – made from tree or vine ripened farmer’s market fruit, with low sugar.

The Livestock Conservancy
Display with hand outs, Books

The Living Seed Company
Dedicated to planting seeds of world peace through distribution and growing of open pollinated seeds and educating about the life-affirming art of seed saving.

Lodema the Potter
Lodema the Potter makes and sells Cookware and High Fire, Porcelain Pottery

Luv Nest, LLC
Luv Nest produces healthy herbal nesting blends and treats  for backyard chickens. Selecting only 100% organic herbs, we bring the benefits of herbs to your flock.

Magic Mushroom Garden Statuary
Mosaic mushrooms and hand sculpted cement mushrooms for the garden or general decor.

Malibu Compost
Malibu Compost is more than its founders. It’s the belief we share that going Biodynamic is the missing link in healing our planet.

Maples For All Seasons
We are a boutique Japanese Maple nursery supplying specimens of #1 size up to cultivar, with expert services in planting, arborist, pruning, and overall care.

Marin Organic
Informational booth on education, gleaning and other Marin Organic programs.

Metamorphic Press
Meet author Robert Kourik and his Drip Irrigation, Edible Landscape and Roots Demystified books … and new eBooks. He will be signing books.

Mila Design Studio
Ditch the plastic! Go eco-conscious in style. Organic and recycled cotton canvas market bags.Hand batiked, original works of art. No two are alike.

Modesto Milling
Modesto Milling is a 100% organic feed manufacturer, focused on making many types of organic poultry and livestock feeds. Our ingredients each have a story.

Moms Across America
We’re a national coalition of unstoppable moms committed to empowering millions to educate themselves about GMOs, labeling GMOs, and offering GMO-free and organic solutions.

Morse Farms
Located in the foothills of Butte County, California. We use our sweet mandarins to produce marmalade, syrup, olive oil, bbq sauce, and marinade.

Mountain Feed & Farm Supply
Homestead. Harvest. Preserve. Your one-stop shop for critters and crops! From planting a seed to canning a jam, we’ve got you covered.

Move to Amend
Move to Amend is a national, grassroots campaign working for a Constitutional Amendment to end corporate “personhood rights” and eliminate “money equals free speech.”

Multinational Exchange for Sustainable Agriculture / MESA
MESA advances the next generation of food and farming leaders, linking global heritage with sustainable innovation through experiential education, online curriculum and cross-cultural exchange.

Mushroom Adventures
Growing mushrooms at home is easy with our Mushroom Kits – including everything you need to grow multiple mushroom crops for 6 to 12 weeks.

My Urban Farm
My Urban Farm is a business that helps you create a mini farm in your yard, no matter how big or small.

The Natural Gardening Company
We are committed to giving our customers the best possible gardening experience by providing high quality seeds, plants and accessories, and prompt, personal customer service.

Natural Magic Marketing dba Tlalmanalli
Natural Magic marketing offers kombucha and traditional Mexican organic foods or handmade beeswax candles.

Navajo Churro Project
This youth sheep project began in 1989 led by Debby Bradford. Joining them are traditional Navajo weavers selling handspun and handmade rugs, blankets, and jewelry.

Northern California Society of Botanical Artists
Note cards and prints of botanical art created by our members, focusing on heirloom food crops. NCalSBA is dedicated to supporting Northern California botanical artists.

Nous Savons
Nous Savons provides everything you need to integrate good style and gardening.

Dedicated to “nourishing people and planet,” Nutiva is the world’s leading brand of all-organic hemp foods, coconut oil, red palm oil and chia seeds.

NYR Organic
Neal’s Yard Remedies. We’re passionate about sustainability and improving people’s lives with nature’s power: Non-GMO, fair trade, cruelty-free skin care, cosmetics, aromatherapy, supplements.

Occidental Arts & Ecology Center
“The core of OAEC’s 80-acre environmental center is our organic nursery and gardens where we hold heirloom Plant Sales, Permaculture and School
Garden trainings and much more!

Ocean Harvest Sea Vegetables
We sustainably wild-craft and sun-dry 10 varieties of Mendocino seaweeds. Sea vegetables are a rich source of trace minerals, vitamins, and essential nutrients.

Ohana Pono (“Family, Well-Being”)
Ohana Pono offers BIOLUMINA SPIRULINA (premium, better-than-organic, HEIRLOOM, non-GMO, Quantum-Infused spirulina) from New Phoenix Rising, optimal nutrition, including nutritional radiation protection.

Oh Sew Penny
Aprons, pillows, baby blankets and more. All made from vintage linens. Something old is now something new.

Oregon Tilth

Organic AG Products
Organic Fertilizer, Organic Insecticide, Organic Herbicide and Kelp

Organic & Non-GMO Report
The Organic & Non-GMO Report is the only publication focusing on threats posed by genetically modified foods, and on the trend toward non-GMO and organic foods.

Organic Fresno
Angel juice(honey elixer), Friut Lemonade, Iced tea, Bread rolls, Cultured Fruit rolls, raw chocolates and probiotic sodas

Organic Seed Alliance
Advancing the ethical development and stewardship

Organic Seed Growers and Trade Association (OSGATA)
The Organic Seed Growers and Trade Association (OSGATA) is a farmer-controlled national non-profit membership organization committed to protecting, promoting, and developing the organic seed trade.

Pacari Chocolate
Pacari Ecuadorian organic chocolate is the only biodynamically certified chocolate in the world. Striving to preserve traditional farming and the biodiversity of cacao in Ecuador

Passion Flower Plant Medicine / Luminous Herbcraft
100% Beeswax Candles, Various Herbal Products: tinctures, flower essance, tea blends, salves, bug repellant, Herbal Vinegar and Herbal Oil

Paula Amerine
The Art of Real Food cookbook features over 250 in-season simple recipes for every week of the year. Enticing photography, colorful artwork and delicious recipes.

Permaculture Credit Union
The Permaculture Credit Union (PCU) is the first and only credit union in the United States that operates exclusively within permaculture values.

Petaluma Visitors Program
Experience historic Petaluma’s riverfront charm and wine country sophistication; great shopping, antiques, and fine dining all within easy proximity of the coast, redwoods and wineries.

The Philosopher’s Stoneground
“”We think, therefore we sprout.”” Our mission is intelligent nourishment: spreading consciousness and nourishing all Life through delicious nut butters designed for human consumption.

Physis, LLC dba Physis Foods
Physis Foods is a producer of perishable to-go foods at farmers’ markets. We strive to provide the convenience of supermarket-style prepared foods, but done better, fresher, and entirely from local small farm produce for the farmers’ market shopper.

The Pineapple Towel
Hand printed art towels. Metal art trees.

Ploughshares Nursery
Ploughshares offers edible starts grown using organic methods; as well as fruit trees like citrus, plums, apples, and peaches, succulents in terrariums and glass bowls.

Preventive Medical Center of Marin
Integrated Family Practice in San Rafael dedicated to health and healing, and working within the insurance and medicare models for many services

Pure Real Food
Transformational pure concentrated organic vegan whole foods, and green food formulations. GMO-free, gluten-free. Come to our booth in Garrett Hall, enjoy some samples!

Qachuu Aloom / The Garden’s Edge
Guatemalan Weavings,sandals, Books, vegetable seeds, hibiscus tea, amaranth(flour and popped), Coffee,seed storage jars, gords,garlic for seed

Real Books
National Heirloom Exposition book seller.

Redwood Seeds
We provide seeds for home gardeners and organic farmers that are suitable to grow in the region’s three main sub-climes: Valley, Coastal, and Mountain.

Resistance Films LLC
Information about documentaries Unacceptable Levels and A New Resistance – supporting organizations and businesses.

Rhonda Lee- Brush and Wheel
Rhonda Lee has been a potter since the late 70’s. She specializes in making pots which are functional and feel good to hold and use. Rhonda custom makes her glazes which are lead-free and her work is microwave, dishwasher, and oven safe.

Rosie’s Workwear
Workwear for women – overalls, t-shirts, safety glasses, garden/work gloves.

Royal Gold
Royal Gold is California’s premier purveyor of coco fiber based potting soils and soilless mixes. Peat free alternatives to traditional bagged soils. Featuring organic ingredients.

Rural Chicks
We are a group of over 70 women farmers and ranchers from Sonoma County who get together once a month for some dishin’ and heehawin’.

S. Hayes Ceramics
Whimsical pottery created and fired by native Sonoma County ceramic artist. Variety of functional and decorative ware. Crystalline, raku, soda, glass, and pit fire techniques.

Sandy Smith -Author
Author , Book series: Seed Savers. Three books in Series: Treasure, Lily And Heirloom. Bookmarks

Santa Rosa Iris Society
Santa Rosa Iris Society – affiliate of AIS – is devoted to propagate the culture and development of irises in Sonoma County. We will sell beautiful irises!

Saraba African Art
Saraba African Art offers African-style arts, baskets, wood carvings, and jewelry.

Saverine Creek Heirlooms
Artisan jewelry made from hand sown and harvested organic heirloom seeds, grown on our 112-year-old family farm in mid-state Michigan.

School Garden Network
Once again, School Garden Network is pleased to offer delicious apple juice.  Additionally, this year, we are offering water bottles with our special logo “”SGN””.  Both these items will be available for donation.

Sea Agri, Inc
Sea-90 Fertilizer and Livestock Mineral.

Season Studios
Anatomical T-Shirts, Reflexology Sox, Books for kids and adults related to Health, Nutrition and Enviroment

Seed Library of Los Angeles
The Seed Library of Los Angeles is a fast growing library with members throughout LA. We teach seed-saving and share with other seed libraries

Slow Food Russian River
Slow Food is a global movement that advocates food and farming policy that is good for the public, the planet, farmers, and workers.

Soda Rock Farms
Soda Rock Farms believes in providing the highest quality of produce to our customers.

SolarCity Corp
SolarCity is the nation’s leading full service solar provider of clean, more affordable energy. And installation is FREE! Ask us if you qualify!

Solar Living Institute
The Solar Living Institute, an educational nonprofit, offers a wide range of workshops on sustainable practices at its 12-acre demonstration site in Hopland, CA.

Sonoma Chocolatiers
We’re a small, family-run artisan company. We create unexpected and traditional, award-winning, luscious hand-made chocolates using organic ingredients – the finest dark chocolate indulgences available.

Sonoma Compost Company
Sonoma Compost is the regional compost operator for Sonoma County. We create quality products that enrich the soils of Sonoma County and the region.

Sonoma County Beekeepers Association
Come visit us and find out how you can “Help save the bees.” We educate the public about bees and support local beekeepers.

Sonoma County Farms Forever: FarmTrails, CAFF, Gold Ridge Resource Conservation District
FarmTrails, CAFF, Gold Ridge Resource Conservation District: Organizations partnering to support fresh, local food, conserve natural resources, and promote a sustainable regional food system.

Sonoma County Herb Exchange
We provide fresh and dried herbs to local medicine makers and large businesses by combining quantities from small growers. We are CCOF certified processor/handler.

Sonoma Soapworks
Featuring handcrafted soaps and bath products made in small batches embracing eco-friendly materials and methods, without harsh detergents or harmful chemicals in an earth-friendly way.

Sonoma Spice Company
Premium herb and spice blends that provide multitasking convenience with delicious results. No added salt, sugar, wheat. A Sonoma County family owned business since 2010.

Sonomic Almost Vinegar
Sonomic Almost Vinegar, made with California grapes, is less acidic than wine vinegar, richer than balsamic, and more versatile. You’ve never tasted anything like it.

Southern Exposure Seed Exchange
Our mission: to conserve genetic resources, ensure that people retain control of their food supply, and offer gardeners the option of saving their own seeds.

Straus Family Creamery
Straus Family Creamery celebrates 20 years of supporting family farming, ensuring organic integrity, and creating artisan, organic dairy products.

Studio Chiyori
Jewelry, Photography and Clothing

Sun Potion LLC
Sun Potion offers single ingredient herb extracts, algae and mushroom powders. People can add the powders to tea, water and foods as an easy way to feel great. All products are organic or sustainably wildcrafted.

Sustainable Poultry Network
We equip farmers, chefs and consumers to grow and market sustainable flocks of poultry through APA Standard Bred genetics, pastured production, and exceptional welfare.

Sustainable Poultry Network – Central Valley Buckeyes
The Sustainable Poultry Network equips farmers, chefs and food citizens to breed, grow, and market heritage poultry.

Synergy Agricultural Products
Synergy Agricultural Products manufactures Compost Tea Brewers (Standard sizes 5 Gallons thru 145 Gallons; Custom sizes thru 2000 Gallons) and “Synergy” Organic/Vegan Compost Tea formula.

The Taste of Tea
We believe all things are connected. We partner with farmers and producers who have a deep respect for our planet, valuing people before profits.

Tea and Trumpets
Tea and Trumpets sells a wide variety of organic loose leaf tea and tea accessories

Teamworkx is a business development company specialized for creating alternative revenue streams, strategic planning, sales, and fostering award winning media campaigns that produce record revenue.

Tower Garden by Juice Plus
Tower Garden and Juice Plus provide you and your family whole food nutrition in various ways: Aeroponic, hydroponic, vertical growing system and whole food products!

Traditional Medicinals
Traditional Medicinals is a leading seller of organic and Fair Trade Certified™wellness tea in the U.S., and a pioneer of the wellness tea category.

Tranquill Gardens
Garden Gifts: Handpainted Mexican pottery w/ succulents & CA natives, talavera animals, housewares & garden accessories. Dia del Muerte skulls, Katrinas, tiles, banners, totes, etc

TreeLine Teardrop Trailers
TreeLine Teardrops offers a completely re-engineered and updated version of the original teardrop trailer, with modern materials and technologies, while maintaining hand fit and finish.

True Family Foods
True Family Foods specialize in True Ferments, which are a collection of naturally lacto fermented foods.

Truth in Labeling Coalition
Truth in Labeling Coalition is leading a national grass-roots initiative to obtain an executive order to label genetically engineered food by 2016.

Turtle Tree Seed
initiative to obtain an Executive Order to label genetically

UC Master Gardeners, Sonoma County
Master Gardeners will be available to answer gardening questions, and to promote the Master Gardener program and services.

Under the Leaf
Artisan hand-made crafts, lotion, cordiais, extracts, perfume, art, greeting cards, flash cards,prints,glitter tattoos,chocolate,kits and jewelery

Valley Ford Wool Mill
Wool bedding, clothing, home accessories, fabrics, rugs, blankets, and gift items.

Verengo Solar
The nation’s #1 residential solar specialist.

Viridis Aquaponics
Viridis Aquaponics offers fish and produce.

Vital Landscaping
We hope that all of our products motivate more sustainable, organic, and positive actions on our planet.

Vitamix offers food blenders and accessories, showcasing samples of sorbets, smoothies, and soups.

Waterhorse Ridge
Mythic jams, chutneys, salsas and more. Putting our best fruit forward from Cazadero and offering a plethora of organic, low-sugar concoctions and hellaciously good salsas.

Waters of Wellness
Structured water devices, dynamically enhanced and original: portable unit, shower units, under the sink unit, garden units, large garden units, house units, commercial units.

Whole Foods Market
As the first nationally certified organic grocer in the US, we offer you the biggest and best choice we possibly can.

Wild Coast Seaweed
Wild Coast Seaweed offers local hand harvested/ wild crafted sea vegetables.

Wild West Ferments
Proudly offering the most delectable, artisan, organic, probiotic foods and beverages of the highest quality. The wild fermented fruit soda is a must try!

Wildfower Seed and Tool
Our garden tools are proprietary, and are designed to be both ergonomically friendly and manufactured from the highest quality of material.

Wine Country Creations
Stunning designs with freshwater pearls, precious and semi-precious gemstones, sterling silver and gold fill.

Wine Country Photography
Michael’s images range from the striking to the sublime, from muted colors to the graphically bold, all with a sensitivity to the nuances of light.

Wyatt Irrigation Company
At Wyatt Supply we are committed to providing products that connect people, animals, and plants to water through sustainable agriculture.

Young Herbals / Witch in the Woods, Modern botanicals
Herb infused oils, body scrubs, lotions, medicinal plants, seaweed, body powder, deodorants & aftershave.

Food Vendors

Backyard’s mission is to bring the experience of Sonoma County’s backyard bounties to your table. wioth a seasonal menu. Come visit our restaurant in Forestville.

Biotic Beverages LLC
We specializes in sparkling lacto-fermented beverages that are refreshing and healthy. Made in a zero-waste Sonoma County facility using 100% raw and organic ingredients.

Cafe Mam
Café Mam coffee is 100% organic and Fair Trade certified, shade-grown and roasted to-order. Café Mam coffee is grown in the mountains of Chiapas.

Carl’s Elite Catering
Chef Carl will prepare Asian Infused Thai chicken sandwiches on brioche, German style grilled sausage on a torpedo roll, both with French organic potato salad.

Chalk Hill Cookery
Chalk Hill Cookery offers 100% plant-based cuisine. They prepare and serve fresh foods emphasizing local, seasonal, organic, and sustainable ingredients inspired by flavors from around the world.

Chili Smith Family Foods
Chili Smith Family Foods offers heirloom bean chili and soups prepared in small batches and simple delicious cooking methods at the Chili Smith Family Foods booth.

Comet Corn
COMET CORN-ORGANIC POPCORN, delicious, stellar popcorn treat. WOW FLAVORS, naturally creative! COCONUT CURRY, intriguing, PESTO, fun,MAPLE SYRUP, fun, BLOODY MARY, fun, TRY IT!

Donna’s Tamales
Donna’s Tamales is a family owned, local business featuring organic fresh masa, sourcing ingredients locally. Our vegetarian and vegan tamales are delicious.

The Farmer’s Wife
Kendra Kolling prepares delectable grilled cheese sandwiches, showcasing the season’s finest heirloom apples, tomatoes, pears and local pasture raised meats and eggs!

Fork Catering
Provides lovingly prepared food using many organic and local ingredients. Grass-fed burgers, wild salmon BLT, creative salads! Dedicated to supporting our community.

Frozen Fantasies
Frozen fruit kabobs, hand dipped in dark chocolate. Gourmet ice cream bars hand dipped in dark chocolate. Organic whole fruit smoothies.

Gaia’s Garden
Gaia’s Garden offers plant-based food for normal people! Vegan selections from our local restaurant – curry, rice, salad, pulled portabella, cold summer soup, coconut tapioca, cookies, and hibiscus tea.

The Green Grocer
Local, sustainable, delicious. Real food on real plates at farmer’s markets, weekly, catering and event services, farm tours, gastronomy class, and chef demonstrations.

Gursha Catering (YeMartha Guada)
We make authentic Ethiopian Vegan , Gluten free, sugar free and delicious meals. Our bread is made from Teff flour, gluten free and 100% whole grain, Non GMO product that is known to be highly nutritional. The flat bread Injera is made from a fermented Teff flour and it is digestive friendly and delicious to the taste.

Hawaiian Ola
Our mission: to share healthy, non-GMO Hawaiian agriculture with the world. This year we’ll be serving Organic Smoothies, Kava, and real Hawaiian Noni Juice.

Herbal Junction
Serving organic wholesome foods including: Rice bowls, salds, grilled sandwiches, Omega ice cream, herbal shakes and elixers, heirloom and locally sourced when possible.

Lata’s Indian Cuisine
Lata’s Indian Cuisine is a family business serving fresh and organic Indian food. The exotic spices bring a taste of real Indian cuisine.

Lydia’s Organics
Serving delicious, organic, gluten-free, vegetarian cooked and raw faire, from refreshing drinks to mouth-watering entrees; award-winning burgers and crepes, to amazing desserts.

Mariposa Ice Creamery
Hand-made natural ice cream using no artificial colors or flavors. All our ice cream is made in small batches to ensure great quality and taste.

Mommy’s Yammy’s
Mommy’s Yammy’s serve a delicious variety of organic foods ranging from sandwiches to salads.

The Moroccan Boutique
Authentic Moroccan & Mediteranean Food. Catering and decor for Themed events like Arabian nights… Our cooking is based on the use of: Organic Fresh vegetables , meat, poultry, and Fish sourced in Farmers Markets… Moroccan Boutique also specialises on importing “”artcrafts”” handmade by Moroccan Artisans in the Atlas Mountains.

The Naked Pig – farm to table food
High quality organic food. Supporting local economy by cooking in season and working with sustainable purveyors. Everything is made from the heart and by hand.

Northwest Catering
Offering pulled pork sandwiches with pork smoked onsite from Happy Pig Farm’s beyond organic, pasture raised heritage pork. Scratch made with all local ingredients.

Petaluma Pie company
Petaluma Pie company is a locally owned farm to table bakery cafe serving sweet and savory pies made from local and organic ingredients.

Real Cool Frozen Treats
Sonoma County-based purveyors of ice pops made using local, organic, and fair-trade fruits, vegetables, herbs and flavoring ingredients. Real ingredients, cool flavors, what a treat

Red Horse Pizza
Red Horse Pizza specializes in thin crust sourdough pizza, and fresh fruit pies using organic, local, and seasonal produce and ingredients.

Red Rose Catering
Red Rose Catering is a family owned business that specializes in authentic southern cooking. We use farm-fresh natural and locally produced ingredients.

Republic of Paradise / The Aristocrat Restaurant
Republic of Paradise introduces the exotic flavors of the Philippines and the Pacific through sandwiches. All meats and vegetables are organic and sustainably raised.

Starting from Scratch / Catering
We are bringing all natural and organic cupcakes to the Heirloom Expo. We use local farmer grown products such as eggs, fruits, and vegetables.

Starting from Scratch / Bakery
Starting From Scratch bakery is bringing all natural and organic cupcakes to the Heirloom Festival. We use local farmer grown products, such as eggs, fruits and vegetables.

Thai Kettle
Authentic Pad Thai cooked to order in the street-food tradition of Thailand. Add a Thai iced tea or coffee and you’ll know why Thailand is the land of smiles!

Taylor Maid Farms Organic Coffee
We are an independent roaster of specialty 100% organic coffee, committed to preserving the character of the land from which our products come.

Ultimate Souvlaki
Athens native chef Bobby and second-generation farmer Angela join the best local ingredients with ancient tradition to serve the finest authentic Greek cuisine.

Willie Bird Turkeys