About our Vendors

Below is a list of the vendors that will be participating this year


Alive and Healing
Fresh, handcrafted, unpasteurized tempeh in Sonoma County! We produce tender artisanal tempeh from 100% Organic GMO-free ingredients. High protein, zero cholesterol and totally delicious!

American Community Gardening Association
ACGA is a 35 year old national nonprofit whose mission is to build community by increasing and enhancing community gardening and greening across North America.

Architectural Ceramic Design
Hand thrown, high fired, food safe utilitarian pottery for the home and garden including fermenting, kombucha and compost crocks. Donna and Alan Podesto.

Art of the Garden
Get growing fast with the M Brace! 100% recycled metal, made in the USA!

B & B Market Baskets
Handmade – fair trade baskets, hats, purses, totes, and accessories made from renewable natural materials.

B Coole Designs
Taking your project to the next level with machine embroidered art.

Bell Aquaculture
Fish Rich Organic Fertilizer

Bloomfield Bees Honey
We are a local chemical free beekeeper selling local honey, fresh pollen, raw propolis, beautiful handmade candles, soaps, lotions, and other natural skin products.

Botanical Interests
Botanical Interests is a family-owned seed company that offers over 500 varieties of non-GMO vegetable, flower and herb seeds including many organic and heirloom varieties.

Bountiful Gardens (Ecology Action)
Non-profit project of Ecology Action. Non-hybrid seeds, books, supplies, demonstrations and information on biointensive gardening. Come meet our interns from around the world!

Brass, Etc
Edward’s whimsical, optical illusion creating copper coils and his select collection of copper weather vanes – must see! They are equally wonderful in doors or out.

Carman’s Nursery
Family owned since 1937. Specialties: Rare and unusual plants, dwarf conifers, bonsai starters, rock garden plants, hardy succulents, variegated foliage. Edibles include figs, pomegranates, capers.

Casa de Vasaio
Pottery hand thrown: vases, orchid pots, bowls, lighthouses, mushrooms, platters, teapots, garden suns – high fire and raku – all lead free.

Chelsea Green Publishing
Chelsea Green is a leading independent publisher/distributor of books on the practice and politics of sustainability: agriculture, food, energy, building, community, business, activism.

Daffodils Dahlias & Lilies Oh My!
Landscaping with heirloom bulbs is the best, as they return year after year without any fuss! I will have many heirloom bulbs available for purchase.

Dolorosa Beeswax Candles
Dolorosa offers our pure handmade beeswax candles and products to help our advocacy work for holistic care of the mentally afflicted. Know ~ Hope.

Dr. Earth, Inc.
Dr. Earth® leads the retail lawn and garden industry, creating cutting-edge natural/organic garden-friendly products infused with Pro-Biotic™ microbes and mycorrhizae: Soils•Fertilizers• Pests

Ecology Action of the Mid-Peninusla
Ecology Action teaches people worldwide to better feed themselves while building and preserving the soil and conserving resources.

Edenglow All Natural Skin Care
All natural botanical skin care products, handmade, free of artificial chemicals, fragrance and preservatives. I use the highest quality, sustainably made ingredients.

Reusable food containers, organic cotton shirts, and other items made from recycled materials.

Five Mountains Heirloom Organic Tea
Five Mountains® specializes in Heirloom Organic™ Tea (camellia sinensis) varieties, wild crafted from trees with an average age of 500 years. Sustainable and biodiverse.

From Ghana with Love
A local business with international heart: Artists and musicians Kimberly and James Ichitey create and sell artisan works rooted in the traditions of West Africa.

Full Circle Wellness Sonoma
Dr. Burt provides hands-on chiropractic care and nutritional guidance using whole food concentrates and herbs, specializing in designing highly individualized detox and purification programs.

Gardening By the Moon
Gardening by the Moon 2014, planting guide and garden activities based on the cycles of the moon, in an easy to read calendar format.

Graham Grove
Ceramics, Artwork Seedlings,Plants, Recycled Wood Products

The Great Pumpkin Patch / The Homestead Seeds
To provide and build Pumpkin Tower

Grow Gardens Nursery
Planting: for health, the earth, and yourself.

High Caliper Growing
The Smart Pot is a fabric aeration container that releases heat and prunes a plant’s root structure giving the plant more roots – meaning more fruit.

Hilltop Honey Products
We are local beekeepers. We handcraft natural lotions, soaps, salves, rubs, balms, and more. All products are made with our bees wax and honey.

Jacqueline Formanek Pottery
Jacqueline Formanek Pottery is a one woman business that delights in making a living from the ancient art of creating hand thrown pottery.

Jungle Maiden Jewelry
Pegge Bastress uses semi-precious gemstones to create unique “organic jewelry”, showing at eight Sonoma County farmer’s markets and displaying with local produce and flowers.

Katzi Designs
Katzi Designs sells functional art for everyday life, from recipe notecards to silkscreened clothing and household items. Fun children and adult farm and garden designs.

Kaz and Associates
We provide organic, sustainable soil and water consultation and remediation services, including site-specific regulation compliance; partnering with agronomists, soil scientists and organic input producers.

Kitazawa Seed Company
Kitazawa is the oldest seed company in America to specialize in Asian vegetable seeds. Operating since 1917, we offer over 450 varieties, including many heirlooms.

Koda Farms
Exclusive breeder and grower of proprietary, heirloom Kokuho Rose® Japanese Rice Varietal. California’s oldest family owned and operated rice farm and mill, established 1928.

Lisa’s Luscious Kitchen
53 delicious, hand-crafted fruit jams, sauces, butters, marmalades, chutneys, vinegars, oriental oils – made from tree or vine ripened farmer’s market fruit, with low sugar.

Metamorphic Press
Meet author Robert Kourik and his Drip Irrigation, Edible Landscape and Roots Demystified books … and new eBooks. He will be signing books.

Modesto Milling
Modesto Milling is a 100% organic feed manufacturer, focused on making many types of organic poultry and livestock feeds. Our ingredients each have a story.

Morse Farms
Located in the foothills of Butte County, California. We use our sweet mandarins to produce marmalade, syrup, olive oil, bbq sauce, and marinade.

Mountain Feed & Farm Supply
Homestead. Harvest. Preserve. Your one-stop shop for critters and crops! From planting a seed to canning a jam, we’ve got you covered.

Mushroom Adventures
Growing mushrooms at home is easy with our Mushroom Kits – including everything you need to grow multiple mushroom crops for 6 to 12 weeks.

My Urban Farm
My Urban Farm is a business that helps you create a mini farm in your yard, no matter how big or small.

The Natural Gardening Company
We are committed to giving our customers the best possible gardening experience by providing high quality seeds, plants and accessories, and prompt, personal customer service.

Northern California Society of Botanical Artists
Note cards and prints of botanical art created by our members, focusing on heirloom food crops. NCalSBA is dedicated to supporting Northern California botanical artists.

NYR Organic
Neal’s Yard Remedies. We’re passionate about sustainability and improving people’s lives with nature’s power: Non-GMO, fair trade, cruelty-free skin care, cosmetics, aromatherapy, supplements.

Ocean Harvest Sea Vegetables
We sustainably wild-craft and sun-dry 10 varieties of Mendocino seaweeds. Sea vegetables are a rich source of trace minerals, vitamins, and essential nutrients.

Oh Sew Penny
Aprons, pillows, baby blankets and more. All made from vintage linens. Something old is now something new.

Paula Amerine
The Art of Real Food cookbook features over 250 in-season simple recipes for every week of the year. Enticing photography, colorful artwork and delicious recipes.

Petaluma Visitors Program
Experience historic Petaluma’s riverfront charm and wine country sophistication; great shopping, antiques, and fine dining all within easy proximity of the coast, redwoods and wineries.

The Pineapple Towel
Hand printed art towels. Metal art trees.

Ploughshares Nursery
Ploughshares offers edible starts grown using organic methods; as well as fruit trees like citrus, plums, apples, and peaches, succulents in terrariums and glass bowls.

Pure Real Food
Transformational pure concentrated organic vegan whole foods, and green food formulations. GMO-free, gluten-free. Come to our booth in Garrett Hall, enjoy some samples!

Redel’s Roasted Almonds
Since 1999 the Redels have roasted and sold their almonds at festivals and farmers markets throughout California. Try six nutty, toasty flavors at the Expo!

Redwood Seeds
We provide seeds for home gardeners and organic farmers that are suitable to grow in the region’s three main sub-climes: Valley, Coastal, and Mountain.

Rosie’s Workwear
Workwear for women – overalls, t-shirts, safety glasses, garden/work gloves.

Royal Gold
Royal Gold is California’s premier purveyor of coco fiber based potting soils and soilless mixes. Peat free alternatives to traditional bagged soils. Featuring organic ingredients.

S. Hayes Ceramics
Whimsical pottery created and fired by native Sonoma County ceramic artist. Variety of functional and decorative ware. Crystalline, raku, soda, glass, and pit fire techniques.

Santa Rosa Iris Society
Santa Rosa Iris Society – affiliate of AIS – is devoted to propagate the culture and development of irises in Sonoma County. We will sell beautiful irises!

Saverine Creek Heirlooms
Artisan jewelry made from hand sown and harvested organic heirloom seeds, grown on our 112-year-old family farm in mid-state Michigan.

Slow Food Russian River
Slow Food is a global movement that advocates food and farming policy that is good for the public, the planet, farmers, and workers.

Sonoma County Beekeepers Association
Come visit us and find out how you can “Help save the bees.” We educate the public about bees and support local beekeepers.

Sonoma County Farms Forever: FarmTrails, CAFF, Gold Ridge Resource Conservation District
FarmTrails, CAFF, Gold Ridge Resource Conservation District: Organizations partnering to support fresh, local food, conserve natural resources, and promote a sustainable regional food system.

Sonoma Soapworks
Featuring handcrafted soaps and bath products made in small batches embracing eco-friendly materials and methods, without harsh detergents or harmful chemicals in an earth-friendly way.

Sonomic Almost Vinegar
Sonomic Almost Vinegar, made with California grapes, is less acidic than wine vinegar, richer than balsamic, and more versatile. You’ve never tasted anything like it.

The Taste of Tea
We believe all things are connected. We partner with farmers and producers who have a deep respect for our planet, valuing people before profits.

Teamworkx is a business development company specialized for creating alternative revenue streams, strategic planning, sales, and fostering award winning media campaigns that produce record revenue.

Tower Garden by Juice Plus
Tower Garden and Juice Plus provide you and your family whole food nutrition in various ways: Aeroponic, hydroponic, vertical growing system and whole food products!

Valley Ford Wool Mill
Wool bedding, clothing, home accessories, fabrics, rugs, blankets, and gift items.

Verengo Solar
The nation’s #1 residential solar specialist.

Waters of Wellness
Structured water devices, dynamically enhanced and original: portable unit, shower units, under the sink unit, garden units, large garden units, house units, commercial units.

Wildfower Seed and Tool
Our garden tools are proprietary, and are designed to be both ergonomically friendly and manufactured from the highest quality of material.

Wine Country Creations
Stunning designs with freshwater pearls, precious and semi-precious gemstones, sterling silver and gold fill.

Wine Country Photography
Michael’s images range from the striking to the sublime, from muted colors to the graphically bold, all with a sensitivity to the nuances of light.

Food Vendors

Donna’s Tamales
Donna’s Tamales is a family owned, local business featuring organic fresh masa, sourcing ingredients locally. Our vegetarian and vegan tamales are delicious.

Fork Catering
Provides lovingly prepared food using many organic and local ingredients. Grass-fed burgers, wild salmon BLT, creative salads! Dedicated to supporting our community.

Hawaiian Ola
Our mission: to share healthy, non-GMO Hawaiian agriculture with the world. This year we’ll be serving Organic Smoothies, Kava, and real Hawaiian Noni Juice.

Lata’s Indian Cuisine
Lata’s Indian Cuisine is a family business serving fresh and organic Indian food. The exotic spices bring a taste of real Indian cuisine.

Lydia’s Organics
Serving delicious, organic, gluten-free, vegetarian cooked and raw faire, from refreshing drinks to mouth-watering entrees; award-winning burgers and crepes, to amazing desserts.

Ultimate Souvlaki
Athens native chef Bobby and second-generation farmer Angela join the best local ingredients with ancient tradition to serve the finest authentic Greek cuisine.